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We believe that truth in media matters, always.

Its sadly become a fact that you’re constantly unsure of what to believe when you read an article online. dbunk is the solution to that problem. Search millions of pre-debunk’d articles or submit your own and we’ll tell you what our AI thinks! It’s about truth & simplicity!


With so much misinformation out there, the truth can often become obscured and muddled to the point where it is hard to decipher what is real and what is agenda-driven, veiled propaganda.

Our App Uniquely Identifies:

Personal, political and business bias
Alternative and hidden agendas
Commercialized or monetized intent
Blatant lies and untruths

The Mobile App

Consturction of the dbunk mobile application began active development in June 2020 and is currently in preparation for publishing. Initial release is scheduled for late 2021.



dbunk is currently positioned as the only non-biased, AI-driven fact-checking resource designed exclusively for the mobile market. No party politics. Just straight truth.


Target Market

dbunk targets users of nearly any age group that desire truth in what they read online. dbunk is the only tool currently in development to deliver this to the palm of the hand.

The Unbiased Truth:
Why it Matters

Present day news, media and journalism organizations have fallen from grace. What was once a career with standards of ethics, morality and providing the public with the unaltered truth, has evolved into a monster fueled by special interests and puppeteered by the powers that be.

At dbunk we believe that each of us has a responsibility to our fellow humans to stop the spread of harmful misinformation. Although we don’t always see the end result, biased news and misinformation can have a far-reaching impact that harms people, businesses, economies and government.

Misinformation and fake news are often designed to infect the masses like a virus, spreading like wildfire across the internet and disseminated on social media where it has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of eyeballs.

Fake News has real and serious implications and has the potential to impact every individual across every corner of the globe. Which is why we feel so passionate about doing our part to combat this pervasive threat to today’s modern society.


A Brief History

Conceived in early 2020, dbunk was imagined as a mobile platform (app) designed to allow users to fact check news articles, blog posts, social media posts and others in an effort to provide a 'beacon of light' in this modern age of misinformation that is taking over the factual information published and proliferated online. dbunk is geared to be the go-to source for hand-held fact checking.

dbunk is an innovative and forward-thinking mobile app that puts the facts and truth in the palm of your hand. It cuts through the “noise” of mainstream media’s influence, bias and agenda to provide you with the REAL story.

With dbunk you can eliminate hours of tedious research uncovering the underlying facts about a story and its sources, knowing that dbunk has done the heavy lifting for you.

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